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Resume Forwarding

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A big challenge in job hunting is finding the right people to send your resume to. It could very easily end up lost on the desk of a recruiting agency somewhere.


We continue to build rapport with recruiters and hiring managers of all professions. How does this help me, you ask? As a part of our Resume Forwarding Service, we’ll send your resume to recruiters specializing in your line of business. Because of our relationships, they will often review our clients’ material immediately and consider them for any open positions.


In addition to you being able to search our national comprehensive job board for opportunities with various employers in your area, we’ll post your resume(s) and/or cover letter to any of the following reputable job search websites: CareerBuilder, Careerjet, Indeed, LinkUp, Monster and Simply Hired. We require a signed disclaimer from all clients prior to posting their resume to the Internet.


With the rise of new media and next generation communication tools, we strongly encourage establishing an account with Linked-in, a business related social networking site, mainly used for professional networking; access knowledge, insights and opportunities. LinkedIn allows users to research companies with which they may be interested in working. When typing the name of a given company in the search box, statistics about the company are provided.


As an added bonus to this service, we’ll send a combination of five emails and faxes to potential employers. Clients are carbon copied on all email correspondence. Confirmation pages are provided for all faxes. Don’t have an email address? Click on one of the free web-based email providers below to setup your account today or leave the email address field blank on your Service Questionnaire to have Akimet, Inc. generate one for you. Google is our preferred provider and is used for all accounts we setup. We will provide you with your user name (usually first, last name) and password. Remember to change your password immediately to something authentic yet easy to remember. Akimet, Inc. reserves the right to use discretion and generate an email address for anyone whose current email address is inappropriate for business use.

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Need additional faxing? Use our Fax Online Service to send a free fax from our website that includes a one fax per day (one page) maximum with a Akimet, Inc. ad on the cover page; or opt to use our fax advantage service with no ad on the cover page; a no cover page option, 1 document (up to 5 pages) for only $5.00. You’ll receive a confirmation via email once your fax has been successfully transmitted.