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Reference Service

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This phenom service includes the following:


Social Network Site(s) Review Service Social Networking has become the newly evolving area in which companies are including in their background checks. Let us view your site(s) and give constructive feedback. We’ll let you know in our opinion if and how your site(s) may affect your job search. Studies show the six most common reasons people get fired or denied a job for their social media usage are:

  1. Badmouthing customers
  2. Making distasteful or derogatory comments
  3. Disparaging the employer or coworkers
  4. Disclosing sensitive, inappropriate information
  5. Inciting or celebrating violence
  6. Nudity


Typical Questions Recruiters Ask Your References We’ll provide you with the most common questions recruiters or hiring managers ask references.


Reference Checking Service Know what your references are saying about you. We’ll perform a reference check on your behalf.


Professional Letter of Recommendation from our Founder Your encounter with Akimet, Inc. resembles interviewing with a recruiter or hiring manager in many ways. We use a written service questionnaire and a verbal question & answer process to develop your finished product(s) and identify your goals, achievements, and personality which we provide to our Founder, President to use when producing your professional reference letter.