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You’ve probably read tons of literature on how to prepare for an interview. Some of which are very useful. Akimet, Inc. approaches the topic from a different perspective. Do you often ask yourself these questions?


“What are they looking for?”


“What questions will they ask?”


“How should I answer?”


Trust us when we say, you’re not alone. We’ve been asked these questions time and time again, and consequently developed our interview guide to provide you with:

— Common Reasons Job Hunters Aren’t Offered Jobs
— Interview Dos & Don’ts
— 100+ Potential Interview Questions
— Responses to the Most Often Used (Common) Questions
— What Hiring Managers Expect to Hear in a Typical Candidate’s Response and How to Avoid These Canned Rehearsed Answers
— Danger Signs Hiring Managers Look Out for in Evaluating Candidate Responses
— Questions To Ask The Hiring Manager
— Responding to a “Salary Requirement” Ad
— & Internet Resources