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Your business commences as soon as you begin to refine your idea. You don’t have to wait until you have license and are open for business to start your record-keeping. In fact, you will do yourself a great disservice if you are not keeping records at this very moment. Many of your initial expenses are deductible if you have begun to actively pursue your business.

The keeping of accurate records is imperative if you are going to succeed at business. A complete and simple set of records will make it possible to tell at a glance what is happening with your business; which areas are productive and cost-effective and which will require changes to make your business venture more profitable.


In addition to facilitating day-to-day operations, accounting and bookkeeping serves as the source of information for preparing financial statements, tax returns, and reports to managers and owners. The accuracy of these reports is critical to the business’s survival. Managers and owners use financial reports to make decisions and can’t do so intelligently if the reports are inaccurate.

What We Offer

Cost accounting is a process of collecting analyzing, summarizing and evaluating various alternative courses of action. All types of businesses, whether service, manufacturing, or trading, require cost accounting to track their activities.


We prepare financial statements using client source documents (such as bank statements, cleared checks, and invoices) to show revenue, expenses, costs, gains, and losses on the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows. We’ll view your transactions and balance sheet for a period to help compute cost of production/service in a manner to facilitate cost control and cost reduction.


We advise you and your managing staff on the most appropriate course of action based on cost efficiency and capability, giving you what’s needed to successfully control current operations, keep your business running smoothly avoiding possible bankruptcy, and plan for the future!


We make certain you understand how your records are organized and that you’re able to read and use them to make decisions in your business. We also provide you with income tax information that can be easily retrieved and verified. Our goal is to make certain your records are complete, but not so complicated that they cannot be read and interpreted. We’ll coordinate with you, working together directly and/or via Internet transmissions, whichever best suits your business needs, to maintain a good line of communication and a smooth flow of data.

Setting up Accounting Systems

Prepare Financial Statements and Reports

Analyze Financial Statements

Business Planning and Budgeting

Investment Attracting

Analyzing and Managing Costs

Making Purchase Decisions

Preventing and Detecting Fraud

Payroll Services

Tax Preparation